Karalyn and the Dawnpatrol

Karalyn and the Dawn Patrol is a Blues Rock band originating from the Spacecoast of Florida ( Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, and Mims, FL.) With a little slow blues, with a little bit of Delta, with a little bit of Rockabilly, and some edgy blues rock, this band keeps any audience enthrawled all night!
Along with entertaining the Blues community, everyone in the band has interesting “day jobs”….
Karalyn Woulas, of Cocoa Beach, FL, with and Aerospace Engineering degree and Applied Mathematics degree, she has been an Electrical Engineer for US Navy on the Trident Missile Program for three years. Before that, she was employed by United Space Alliance of the Shuttle program as an Electrical Engineer for 8 years.
Ricky Carroll, of Satellite Beach, along with being a solid yet fluid drummer, is a world-reknown surfboard shaper. He is the first East Coast surfboard shaper to win not only one but three West Coast shaping contests!
Matt Sams of Satellite Beach, is not only a skillful and lively blues guitarists with dynamic solos and heart stopping slide guitar skills: He is a Financial Advisor for Amerprise, with a Financial degree form University of Central Florida.
Meanwhile, bass player, Mike Witherington of Mims, FL, along with his consistent, reliable, soulful bass skills was a TPS inspector for the Space Shuttle program. He spent 32 years working for the Shuttle program, fervently inspecting all the TPS foam tiles of the Space Shuttle.
With all these unique backgrounds outside of music, we unite to form a unique and audience captivating sound that is being enjoyed by young and old throughout the community.
Check us out on playcrossroads.com